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Driverless cars and cycling – how would they mix?

In a rather lengthy twitter conversation on the viability of the driverless car, there was some skepticism expressed about the idea that driverless cars would interact with pedestrians and cyclists. There’s already been a good deal of fairly impassioned discussion … Continue reading

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A little context for Jane Caro

Jane Caro, who writes and speaks often and well about the idiocies in the Australian education debate, has undoubtedly delighted the Sydney Morning Herald’s digital team with an op-ed about the behaviour of the “…lone-wolf cyclist dressed to kill (I … Continue reading

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Cycling in Guam

note: likely extremely boring to anybody not interested in cycling’s Byzantine internal politics. I don’t know Tracey Gaudry personally. But everything in her public record suggests that she’d make an excellent Oceania representative on the UCI’s management committee, and a … Continue reading

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The Kimmage Defence Fund and global sports governance – a high-level view

Paul Kimmage is a former professional cyclist turned journalist who was one of the first to break the “omerta” about doping in his memoir Rough Ride.  As a journalist, he’s continued to ask rude questions of the cycling establishment.   … Continue reading

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Swiss cycling culture

Warning: cycling subculture-related post coming up… The Velominati would be horrified.  It’s not quite home, but it’s certainly just around the corner from the homes of the “cycling culture” they are purportedly inspired by.  But it seems the Zurich locals … Continue reading

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Zurich – a better model, but not perfect

Northern Europe is sometimes seen as something of a promised land by those with a green/leftish bent, a placewhere a comfortable and pleasant urban lifestyle is maintained in harmony with admirable environmental sustainability. Zurich, like many other northern European cities, … Continue reading

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