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Project 10000’s financing model – does it stack up?

The Victorian ALP has released its transport plan, Project 10000, so named for the 10,000 construction jobs that are supposed to result. The plan, in short, appears to be largely a return to what the Brumby government had in mind … Continue reading

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Ticketing – we still don’t get it

Every public transport ticketing system change in Melbourne since the introduction of scratch tickets in the has been unpopular.  Scratch tickets, and the removal of conductors from trams, were hugely so – and as the linked post argues, helped to … Continue reading

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More misguided law and order stunts from the Baillieu government

One of the few areas where the Baillieu government has been publicizing its activities is in the area of law and order. Sadly, most of these initiatives have been typically moronic right-wing punishment-focused nonsense which achieve little besides wasting large … Continue reading

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Put your money where your sentiments are, Ted

I don’t have a lot to add to 7:30 Victoria’s excellent report on the Baillieu Government’s new action plan on family violence. If the government is serious about protecting women, this is ground zero. Not CCTV cameras, or armed guards … Continue reading

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Jill Meagher – so what now?

I wasn’t one of the tens of thousands of people who marched down Sydney Road today in memory of Jill Meagher, just a couple of hundred metres from my house in the People’s Republic, but bravo for those who did. … Continue reading

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In defence of freeways

Freeways, or their modern Australian urban equivalent the tollway, get a pretty bad rap from some quarters – environmentalists and urban planners particularly. Much of it is deserved, of course. But Professor Nicholas Low’s recent anti-freeway op-eds, the most recent … Continue reading

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Air conditioners, $7000 electricity network upgrades, and home battery setups

In recent times, a fairly stunning statistic has been doing the rounds – that a $1,500 air conditioner installation will result in $7,000 worth of network upgrades to ensure that the electrical grid doesn’t collapse under the strain on a … Continue reading

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