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Reflections on the Big Day Out

Overgeneralization about “generations” is a cliche of lazy writing and analysis, and one that John Quiggin rightly mocked years ago. Nevertheless, there are some cultural experiences that are shared in the memory of, if not a “generation”, at least some … Continue reading

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Fuel efficiency standards – a no-brainer

I’m very pleased that I will be posting at Brian Bahnisch’s Climate Plus on climate policy and possibly other matters. I will crosspost content here. The (possibly reprieved) Climate Change Authority has continued to produce high-quality analysis that a sane … Continue reading

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Four rather impacted wisdom teeth out at age 37 – my experience

I haven’t put a blog post here for a long time, but it seems like a good location for a permanent record of a recent experience.  I hope it’s useful for anyone facing having a common but often feared surgery … Continue reading

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Back in purple

Sorry for the paucity of posts – real life, and specifically preparation for another semester of teaching, intrudes! However, I’m excited that Larvatus Prodeo has been revived for the 2013 federal election, and I’ll be contributing posts there for the … Continue reading

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Well, thanks to Russia’s corrupt cops and dodgy insurance, we have an abundance of footage of the most damaging (and spectacular) meteorite impact in at least a century: Inevitably, there is a bigger, more damaging asteroid out there with our … Continue reading

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Speculative future of housework part 2 – floors

The housework survey from the introductory post in this series didn’t break down cleaning tasks other than washing dishes. In my experience, keeping the floor clean is a not insubstantial fraction of that. But, perhaps, not for too much longer:

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A speculative future of housework – part 1 of a series

John Quiggin’s excellent essay The 15-Hour Week argues (to simplify what was already a somewhat hand-waving argument) that foreseeable economic growth and policy decisions distributing that growth evenly enough, the entire world’s population would need to work only 15 hours … Continue reading

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