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Driverless cars and cycling – how would they mix?

In a rather lengthy twitter conversation on the viability of the driverless car, there was some skepticism expressed about the idea that driverless cars would interact with pedestrians and cyclists. There’s already been a good deal of fairly impassioned discussion … Continue reading

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Portrait of the Modern Terrorist as an Idiot, part 367

This isn’t new but but it was news to me. As Bruce Schneier pointed out back in 2007, most of the aspiring terrorists arrested in the West have been, to put it bluntly, complete idiots, a trend that has been … Continue reading

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The evolution of transport

Jarrett Walker at Human Transit is a writer and consultant on public transport planning. He’s beginning to grapple with the implications of driverless cars. In response to a series by Richard Gilbert, he notes the importance of evolution in determining … Continue reading

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What happens to CSG if fugitive methane levels are high?

So Marn is unhappy some scientists have talked to the press about their preliminary, yet to be peer reviewed data on methane levels in Queensland’s CSG extraction areas. If Marn and the federal government hadn’t been doing its best ostrich … Continue reading

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More misguided law and order stunts from the Baillieu government

One of the few areas where the Baillieu government has been publicizing its activities is in the area of law and order. Sadly, most of these initiatives have been typically moronic right-wing punishment-focused nonsense which achieve little besides wasting large … Continue reading

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CSG, fugitive emissions, and the precautionary principle

On the eve of the last Queensland State Election, a number of LP bloggers and other likeminded writers completed Behind The Seams – a series of articles examining the rapid expansion of the coal seam gas industry in that state. … Continue reading

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Bad things that happened today

There’s been a lot of adverse comment on Twitter that the 10 deaths and widespread property damage in the United States have attracted infinitely more media coverage – including in Australia – than the 60-odd who’ve died across the Carribean. … Continue reading

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