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Project 10000’s financing model – does it stack up?

The Victorian ALP has released its transport plan, Project 10000, so named for the 10,000 construction jobs that are supposed to result. The plan, in short, appears to be largely a return to what the Brumby government had in mind … Continue reading

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Failure, perhaps. But costly?

This kind of headlinedrives me more and more up the wall: Gillard’s school plan a costly failure A $16 million federal Labor commitment to stem the shortage of maths and science teachers by fast-tracking bankers, accountants and engineers into classrooms … Continue reading

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Transit and driverless cars – a quick response

Self-described “transit geeks” from around the world are starting to think about driverless cars, and what they might mean for their vision of a less car-dependent world. Ron Kilcoyne, manager of a public transport system in Eugene, Oregon, has some … Continue reading

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Driverless cars and cycling – how would they mix?

In a rather lengthy twitter conversation on the viability of the driverless car, there was some skepticism expressed about the idea that driverless cars would interact with pedestrians and cyclists. There’s already been a good deal of fairly impassioned discussion … Continue reading

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The evolution of transport

Jarrett Walker at Human Transit is a writer and consultant on public transport planning. He’s beginning to grapple with the implications of driverless cars. In response to a series by Richard Gilbert, he notes the importance of evolution in determining … Continue reading

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An collection of good things from 2012

Everybody else is posting “2012 in review” bits and pieces – so why not have a go. It is worth reflecting on a more extended basis, IMO; some really good things happened this year. So, in no particular order, here … Continue reading

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Ticketing – we still don’t get it

Every public transport ticketing system change in Melbourne since the introduction of scratch tickets in the has been unpopular.  Scratch tickets, and the removal of conductors from trams, were hugely so – and as the linked post argues, helped to … Continue reading

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