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Future of housework 6 – bin night

This is a simple one – but, nevertheless I reckon it could be very useful. Taking the bins out, and bringing them back in again, is a pretty simple task, one that children the developed world over are tasked with. … Continue reading

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Future of housework 4 – kitchen robots

In Part 3, I noted that one of the most time consuming tasks in the modern kitchen is simply moving objects from place to place; the utility of high-performance but specialized kitchen tools is limited by the time it takes … Continue reading

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Portrait of the Modern Terrorist as an Idiot, part 367

This isn’t new but but it was news to me. As Bruce Schneier pointed out back in 2007, most of the aspiring terrorists arrested in the West have been, to put it bluntly, complete idiots, a trend that has been … Continue reading

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The evolution of transport

Jarrett Walker at Human Transit is a writer and consultant on public transport planning. He’s beginning to grapple with the implications of driverless cars. In response to a series by Richard Gilbert, he notes the importance of evolution in determining … Continue reading

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An collection of good things from 2012

Everybody else is posting “2012 in review” bits and pieces – so why not have a go. It is worth reflecting on a more extended basis, IMO; some really good things happened this year. So, in no particular order, here … Continue reading

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Autonomous vehicles? Not quite – but they’re closer than you think

One of the reasons I believe that fully autnomous cars are inevitable is that they’re not a technology that has to be delivered all in one go to be useful. Any piece of technology that automates some aspect of driving … Continue reading

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Junior netball, gender, and statistics

When, and how, to segregate sports by gender occasionally throws up difficult issues. At the elite level, there was the controversy surrounding Caster Semenya. But it’s a problem at junior level, too. Should boys and girls compete in separate sporting … Continue reading

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