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Future of housework 6 – bin night

This is a simple one – but, nevertheless I reckon it could be very useful. Taking the bins out, and bringing them back in again, is a pretty simple task, one that children the developed world over are tasked with. … Continue reading

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Now, anybody (with $17,000) can be a sniper

Warning: this post is about a new type of gun. I’ll explain what it is and how it works before discussing the moral questions it poses. Firing a rifle accurately, even over relatively short ranges, isn’t easy. Firing a rifle … Continue reading

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Future of housework 4 – kitchen robots

In Part 3, I noted that one of the most time consuming tasks in the modern kitchen is simply moving objects from place to place; the utility of high-performance but specialized kitchen tools is limited by the time it takes … Continue reading

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Transit and driverless cars – a quick response

Self-described “transit geeks” from around the world are starting to think about driverless cars, and what they might mean for their vision of a less car-dependent world. Ron Kilcoyne, manager of a public transport system in Eugene, Oregon, has some … Continue reading

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Future of housework, part 3 – the kitchen I

As the statistics from part 1 showed, cooking is the most time-consuming part of housework. While cookery can undoubtedly be enjoyable, but for a lot of people, a lot of the time, it’s a routine chore that they would prefer … Continue reading

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Speculative future of housework part 2 – floors

The housework survey from the introductory post in this series didn’t break down cleaning tasks other than washing dishes. In my experience, keeping the floor clean is a not insubstantial fraction of that. But, perhaps, not for too much longer:

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A speculative future of housework – part 1 of a series

John Quiggin’s excellent essay The 15-Hour Week argues (to simplify what was already a somewhat hand-waving argument) that foreseeable economic growth and policy decisions distributing that growth evenly enough, the entire world’s population would need to work only 15 hours … Continue reading

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