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Project 10000’s financing model – does it stack up?

The Victorian ALP has released its transport plan, Project 10000, so named for the 10,000 construction jobs that are supposed to result. The plan, in short, appears to be largely a return to what the Brumby government had in mind … Continue reading

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Future of housework 4 – kitchen robots

In Part 3, I noted that one of the most time consuming tasks in the modern kitchen is simply moving objects from place to place; the utility of high-performance but specialized kitchen tools is limited by the time it takes … Continue reading

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Transit and driverless cars – a quick response

Self-described “transit geeks” from around the world are starting to think about driverless cars, and what they might mean for their vision of a less car-dependent world. Ron Kilcoyne, manager of a public transport system in Eugene, Oregon, has some … Continue reading

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Future of housework, part 3 – the kitchen I

As the statistics from part 1 showed, cooking is the most time-consuming part of housework. While cookery can undoubtedly be enjoyable, but for a lot of people, a lot of the time, it’s a routine chore that they would prefer … Continue reading

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Speculative future of housework part 2 – floors

The housework survey from the introductory post in this series didn’t break down cleaning tasks other than washing dishes. In my experience, keeping the floor clean is a not insubstantial fraction of that. But, perhaps, not for too much longer:

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A speculative future of housework – part 1 of a series

John Quiggin’s excellent essay The 15-Hour Week argues (to simplify what was already a somewhat hand-waving argument) that foreseeable economic growth and policy decisions distributing that growth evenly enough, the entire world’s population would need to work only 15 hours … Continue reading

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Driverless cars and cycling – how would they mix?

In a rather lengthy twitter conversation on the viability of the driverless car, there was some skepticism expressed about the idea that driverless cars would interact with pedestrians and cyclists. There’s already been a good deal of fairly impassioned discussion … Continue reading

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