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Now, anybody (with $17,000) can be a sniper

Warning: this post is about a new type of gun. I’ll explain what it is and how it works before discussing the moral questions it poses. Firing a rifle accurately, even over relatively short ranges, isn’t easy. Firing a rifle … Continue reading

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Portrait of the Modern Terrorist as an Idiot, part 367

This isn’t new but but it was news to me. As Bruce Schneier pointed out back in 2007, most of the aspiring terrorists arrested in the West have been, to put it bluntly, complete idiots, a trend that has been … Continue reading

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Submarines – part 4, a contextual summary

Any discussion of defence procurement – or defence more generally – needs to be grounded in the context of whom or what we propose to defend against, and in what circumstances. Much of the context is visible right here: China’s … Continue reading

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Submarines – part 3 of X – the nuclear option

In response to the issues identified in Part 2 of my series of posts, we come to the proposal that Australia should consider buying or leasing nuclear-powered attack submarines. While Brazil and India are getting into the nuclear-powered submarine business, … Continue reading

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Submarines – part 2 of X

In the last post on the topic, I tried to provide a quick summary of what Australia has combat submarines for, and the current state of the Collins class. In this second installment, I present a quick survey of the … Continue reading

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Why are the Liberals talking about nuclear subs? Part 1 of X

According to Christopher Joye, the Tories have developed an enthusiasm for replacing the much-maligned Collins-class submarines with American-built Virginia-class attack submarines – or at least, that they “…want to open the debate over the purchase of nuclear submarines to replace … Continue reading

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Reaching and grasping (corrected)

As best I understand it, poet Robert Browning was suggesting that artists should attempt to go beyond that which they have currently mastered with his famous quote about “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.” In art, undoubtedly. As a … Continue reading

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