This is the blog of Robert Merkel, who wastes far too much of his time ranting at the world, and particularly about Victorian politics.

In real life, he lectures in software engineering at a Victorian university (it’s not hard to find out which one, but this is about me, not my employer).

The blog’s name is explained in the first post here.

He is also a full-blown cycling nut.

His Twitter id is @rgmerk.


1 Response to About

  1. David Inall says:

    Are you the Robert Merkel asserting there are numerous studies indicating that driver training does not reduce accident rates and offering to point anyone to them in the latest Wheels Magazine?
    If so, I would love to receive a couple of the ones you consider most credible,

    Thanks and regards,

    David Inall
    Dip Eng. (Mech) MSAE

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