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Reflections on the Big Day Out

Overgeneralization about “generations” is a cliche of lazy writing and analysis, and one that John Quiggin rightly mocked years ago. Nevertheless, there are some cultural experiences that are shared in the memory of, if not a “generation”, at least some … Continue reading

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Fuel efficiency standards – a no-brainer

I’m very pleased that I will be posting at Brian Bahnisch’s Climate Plus on climate policy and possibly other matters. I will crosspost content here. The (possibly reprieved) Climate Change Authority has continued to produce high-quality analysis that a sane … Continue reading

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Four rather impacted wisdom teeth out at age 37 – my experience

I haven’t put a blog post here for a long time, but it seems like a good location for a permanent record of a recent experience.  I hope it’s useful for anyone facing having a common but often feared surgery … Continue reading

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