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An collection of good things from 2012

Everybody else is posting “2012 in review” bits and pieces – so why not have a go. It is worth reflecting on a more extended basis, IMO; some really good things happened this year. So, in no particular order, here … Continue reading

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Ticketing – we still don’t get it

Every public transport ticketing system change in Melbourne since the introduction of scratch tickets in the has been unpopular.  Scratch tickets, and the removal of conductors from trams, were hugely so – and as the linked post argues, helped to … Continue reading

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Corruption and influence

The New South Wales ICAC hearings into the activities of Eddie Obeid and his cronies are just appalling – the scale of the alleged rort is mind-boggling. Except it occurs to me this kind of out-and-out corruption is pretty small … Continue reading

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Taxi reform shouldn’t be squibbed – by all parties.

The Baillieu government is apparently going to release the final report of the Victorian Taxi Inquiry. The draft report runs to almost 1000 pages, but the short version is that the current industry structure benefits nobody except the owners of … Continue reading

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