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Some interesting assumptions in the Greens HSR benefit report

The Greens’ Adam Bandt has released a report which purports to identify “$48 billion in benefits” from a high-speed rail network connecting Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. The Greens’ support for high speed rail clearly works for them politically – … Continue reading

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Victorian Labor does some work in Opposition

Australian federal political debate has been a policy-free zone for the last few years. Oh, there’s been plenty of policy being developed and implemented, and some of it has been good. But political discourse has been all but divorced from … Continue reading

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What happens to CSG if fugitive methane levels are high?

So Marn is unhappy some scientists have talked to the press about their preliminary, yet to be peer reviewed data on methane levels in Queensland’s CSG extraction areas. If Marn and the federal government hadn’t been doing its best ostrich … Continue reading

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The confessional and the commission

Since the announcement of the Royal Commission into sexual abuse, the confession booth has been a topic of considerable discussion. Without reshashing the entire debate, I’ll note that as a result of Ireland’s lengthy commission of inquiry into the issue, … Continue reading

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More misguided law and order stunts from the Baillieu government

One of the few areas where the Baillieu government has been publicizing its activities is in the area of law and order. Sadly, most of these initiatives have been typically moronic right-wing punishment-focused nonsense which achieve little besides wasting large … Continue reading

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CSG, fugitive emissions, and the precautionary principle

On the eve of the last Queensland State Election, a number of LP bloggers and other likeminded writers completed Behind The Seams – a series of articles examining the rapid expansion of the coal seam gas industry in that state. … Continue reading

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Submarines – part 4, a contextual summary

Any discussion of defence procurement – or defence more generally – needs to be grounded in the context of whom or what we propose to defend against, and in what circumstances. Much of the context is visible right here: China’s … Continue reading

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