Put your money where your sentiments are, Ted

I don’t have a lot to add to 7:30 Victoria’s excellent report on the Baillieu Government’s new action plan on family violence.

If the government is serious about protecting women, this is ground zero. Not CCTV cameras, or armed guards at Surrey Hills station morning, noon, and night. As Hugh de Kretser notes in the report, the strategy says many of the right things. And more government dough isn’t going to change millennia of behaviour overnight. But we are one of the richest nations on Earth. There are things that the government can fund which will make a difference. Why we do not is beyond me.

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  1. We agree Robert and we’ve just published a Smart Justice fact sheet on this: Family violence is significant proportion of overall crime but unfortunately law and order policies have a disproportionate focus on public transport and street crime which diverts funding for family violence prevention strategies.

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