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Bad things that happened today

There’s been a lot of adverse comment on Twitter that the 10 deaths and widespread property damage in the United States have attracted infinitely more media coverage – including in Australia – than the 60-odd who’ve died across the Carribean. … Continue reading

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What is the actual goal of Asian language education?

As Bernard Keane observes in Crikey today, federal government attempts to encourage Asian language teaching in Australian schools date back to the Hawke Government. The latest incarnation of the policy comes from the Asian Century White Paper, which promises that: … Continue reading

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3D Printing and the “end of mass production”

The “Santa Claus Machine“, or nanoassembler, is a tremendously exciting idea, and science fiction authors have been having fun with it for decades before and since the replicator made an appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s not surprising … Continue reading

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Reaching and grasping (corrected)

As best I understand it, poet Robert Browning was suggesting that artists should attempt to go beyond that which they have currently mastered with his famous quote about “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp.” In art, undoubtedly. As a … Continue reading

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Go after the enablers

While it was a good summary for the uninitiated, the heavily promoted 4 Corners expose of Lance Armstrong contained nothing much of significance that was new. For those that are interested in the broader lessons for sport, I’d suggest that … Continue reading

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Put your money where your sentiments are, Ted

I don’t have a lot to add to 7:30 Victoria’s excellent report on the Baillieu Government’s new action plan on family violence. If the government is serious about protecting women, this is ground zero. Not CCTV cameras, or armed guards … Continue reading

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Autonomous vehicles? Not quite – but they’re closer than you think

One of the reasons I believe that fully autnomous cars are inevitable is that they’re not a technology that has to be delivered all in one go to be useful. Any piece of technology that automates some aspect of driving … Continue reading

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