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Jill Meagher – so what now?

I wasn’t one of the tens of thousands of people who marched down Sydney Road today in memory of Jill Meagher, just a couple of hundred metres from my house in the People’s Republic, but bravo for those who did. … Continue reading

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In defence of freeways

Freeways, or their modern Australian urban equivalent the tollway, get a pretty bad rap from some quarters – environmentalists and urban planners particularly. Much of it is deserved, of course. But Professor Nicholas Low’s recent anti-freeway op-eds, the most recent … Continue reading

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The Kimmage Defence Fund and global sports governance – a high-level view

Paul Kimmage is a former professional cyclist turned journalist who was one of the first to break the “omerta” about doping in his memoir Rough Ride.  As a journalist, he’s continued to ask rude questions of the cycling establishment.   … Continue reading

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Air conditioners, $7000 electricity network upgrades, and home battery setups

In recent times, a fairly stunning statistic has been doing the rounds – that a $1,500 air conditioner installation will result in $7,000 worth of network upgrades to ensure that the electrical grid doesn’t collapse under the strain on a … Continue reading

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Biofuels and the military

Remember when biofuels were going to save us from peak oil and climate change all at the same time? Those heady days of the mid naughties, when ethanol made from cellulose, and biodiesel from algae, was going to be produced … Continue reading

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Of flying cars and innovation

Sam Roggeveen at the Lowy Interpreter links to yet another economic growth is coming to a end post. As well as an argument that median income growth will be even slower than economic growth (has it occurred to the author … Continue reading

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