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The blame game hydra rises again

So, we can’t start pilot programs for the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the Liberal states because the States and Commonwealth can’t agree on who should fund them. NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s position is that the Commonwealth government should fund … Continue reading

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Being a normal nation isn’t so bad

The US National Intelligence Council, a US government intelligence body, has a blog entitled “global trends 2030” where they are discussing long-term global trends of interest to American policymakers. In their latest series of posts, they intend to analyze the … Continue reading

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Not much thinking going on at the CIS “think tank”

The Center for Independent Studies bills itself as the “leading independent public policy ‘think tank’ within Australasia”. It may be unfair to generalize from a sample size of one blog post, but this classic from Andrew Baker is evidence of … Continue reading

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Some belated thoughts on the asylum-seeker “debate”

Late to the debate due to marking hell, but a couple of observations: The first relates to the distribution of the countries which have signed the UN refugee conventions:

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Liberal “speaker’s notes” – “legal due process” is a bad thing

Crikey has a great leak today, the Liberal Party’s “Speaker’s notes” – a document prepared to help Liberal MPs in “preparing electorate material and correspondence, talking points, speeches and handling constituent inquiries”. It’s the closest thing we have to a … Continue reading

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