You’re not paying for me to ride my bike

It’s disappointing, but not surprising, that the state budget gutted bike infrastructure funding.  As we all know, only dirty hippies in seats where the Liberals run third ride bicycles for transport, don’t they?

Despite some nice words late last year at the Bike Futures conference, I strongly suspect Terry Mulder and, more to the point, the broader government, really doesn’t seem to grasp the point of the “one less car” stickers. Bicycle infrastructure is not free. But it’s a hell of a lot cheaper, and takes up a lot less space, than public transport or car infrastructure. And every dirty hippie who commutes to work on a bicycle in a bicycle lane is freeing up space on the road and on those overcrowded trains.

But I can only draw the conclusion that anti-bike prejudice is getting in the way of the cheapest, easiest way to help with some of Melbourne’s worst transport blackspots. Dumb.

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One Response to You’re not paying for me to ride my bike

  1. helenbalcony says:

    Disappointing? You bet.
    I’m what horse people call a re-rider: I used to be a gung-ho rider of road bikes, suffered a major accident, switched to driving for other reasons (requirement to lug heavy things around) and suffered a complete loss of nerve due to seeing everything from the motorist’s point of view. Thus I’m not able to take the lane and mix it with the traffic at speed like I could in the past. Proper separated bike lanes (NOT just in the Door Zone) and better intersections would be a boon for older people like me.

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