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Sentencing policies, past and present

So, there’s one piece of infrastructure the Baillieu government wants to fund, urgently – another jail. Oh great. The state is screaming out for schools, hospitals, rail lines, bike paths, public housing…and the government wants to build a prison? The … Continue reading

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Should we engage climate deniers?

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I can’t even bear to watch it on iView – an hour and forty minutes of Nick Minchin and Anna Rose debating climate science, followed by another hour of Q&A panel discussion. … Continue reading

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The surplus is political, but not quite in the way Josh Gordon thinks

The Age‘s state political reporter almost, but not quite gets it in his column on the Victorian government’s upcoming budget: For months (State Treasurer Kim) Wells has been arguing that keeping the budget in surplus should remain at the centre … Continue reading

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Planetary Resources is not a business, it’s a hobby

One day, humanity will mine the asteroids for water, platinum, and many other things besides. That’s the goal of a new startup called Planetary Resources. Their lofty vision is no less than: Planetary Resources is bringing the natural resources of … Continue reading

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East Gippsland is not the next Pilbara

Martin Ferguson just loves brown coal. Would have it with lunch, if he could. Thinks we’ll be shipping it out of the Latrobe Valley by the megatonne. The current Victorian government is equally excited about the idea, as was the … Continue reading

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Green tape, tinfoil hats, and safe Opposition seats

It seems that federal Labor and the mostly conservative Premiers want to get rid of “green tape” – or, more specifically, some of the federal government’s power to restrict developments based on environmental laws. Living in the People’s Republic of … Continue reading

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Victorian Labor calls for a CSG moratorium

Adam Morton of The Age reports that the Victorian Labor Opposition has called for a moratorium on new licenses for CSG exploration in that state, while safety concerns about fracking are investigated by a parliamentary inquiry. At this stage, Friends … Continue reading

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