Reminder: David Murray is a climate denialist

There’s a round of shock-horror in the media that outgoing Future Fund chairman David Murray thinks that the carbon and mining taxes are bad.

I’ll leave aside the mining tax for a minute, and concentrate on the carbon price; and let’s remind ourselves – Murray doesn’t believe in the science. He’s said so publicly before.

As such, his argument against the carbon tax comes down to “I don’t think there’s enough of a problem to justify doing anything”.

As such, his initial premise is simply wrong, and any conclusions he draws from it can be summarily dismissed.

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2 Responses to Reminder: David Murray is a climate denialist

  1. BilB says:

    Well he is clearly in the “I can’t be bothered with all of that” “I really need to get on with making money” department. I’ve observed that this is actually a property of highly focussed people, who are usually high achievers. So the “don’t bother me with periferal details” property of their thinking should exclude them from balanced debate, because they are not balanced. This then leads to the current round of self interested opinion conflicts that we are having with the super rich who are attempting to distort public opinion and government to their suit their purposes.

  2. dave50 says:

    Having only just realised you were here, Robert …

    My feeling about this was that it’s a pity some journalist didn’t ask him his views on AGW and then, when he gave them, said something like, “Well, now that you’ve admitted you’re a fool, why should we pay any attention to your views on the carbon price?”

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