Welcome to A Bent Ghost

Hi, Robert Merkel here. A Bent Ghost is my new blogging home.

You might remember me from such blogs as the Big Purple blog Larvatus Prodeo.

A Bent Ghost is in memory of Thomas Bent, the 22nd Premier of Victoria. Bent apparently combined some genuinely laudable tendancies, not least an enthusiasm for public works, with a taste for enriching himself in the process.

While this blog will cover any political topic that takes my fancy, there will be a particular focus on the Victorian state government. While there is any amount of commentary on federal politics, state politics seems to have almost been forgotten. This is unfortunate, because state governments still provide so many of the services of government that we actually interact with on a daily basis.

I can’t promise to post huge screeds every day, but I will try to follow some of what I, at least, consider the most imprortant developments.

I am also intending to take to Twitter on a more regular basis; my twitter Id is @rgmerk.

Hope you find the blog worthwhile!

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9 Responses to Welcome to A Bent Ghost

  1. Great to see, Rob. I’ll be reading with interest!
    After what’s just occurred in our neck of the woods, I couldn’t agree more about the importance of state politics, which is under-covered and analysed.

  2. Particularly from a “left-of-center perspective”, becuase it’s where the rubber meets the road on so many issues – policing, primary and secondary education, social services.

  3. BilB says:

    I love the image. I presume that is Benambra we are looking towards,…perhaps longingly.

  4. That’s actually Mount Bogong, Victoria’s highest mountain, from the Tawonga Gap. I did think of using Mount Benambra…but I need to go back “home” and take a better picture.

  5. Chumpai says:

    Hi Robert,

    Great to see you are still blogging! Looking forward to see where this blog goes.

  6. weatherson says:

    I’m glad to see this blog up and running too – thanks for starting it up!

  7. wilful says:

    Great to see you’re still blogging Robert, I’ll be following.

  8. wilful says:

    Though hopefully you’ll turn off auto-moderation soon…

    • Considered it wilful, but one of the things that I’ve learned from the LP experience is that I want people to play nice in comments – and if things get out of hand, I want to be able to intervene pre-emptively rather than come back after leaving the blog for a few hours only to discover a flame war.

      It’s only automodded for new commenters, so now that a comment has been approved any subsequent ones should appear immediately. Lemme know if it doesn’t work.

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